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Ботли 2.0.

Ботли 2.0
Кодируемый Робот

Botley 2.0 the Coding Robot Available Now on Amazon!

Meet Botley, the code to fun! With Botley 2.0, kids as young as five learn to code in an easy, friendly way - that's completely screen-free! With new enhanced features, Botley 2.0 will have your kids coding in no time! Only available on Amazon!

100% Screen-Free Coding

100% Screen-Free Coding!

With Botley 2.0's 78-piece activity set, kids can test their new coding skills with the help of screen-free coding challenges: code Botley to solve a maze, navigate an obstacle course, and more!

More Coding, More Fun

More Coding, More Fun!

Botley 2.0's improved memory lets you code up to 150 steps right out of the box in 6 directions, including 45-degree turns, for even more advanced sequences!

Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night!

Botley 2.0 is always ready to code, even in the dark! With a built-in light sensor and light-up eyes, the coding fun never ends!

Fun Transformers

Fun Transformers!

Botley 2.0 is a good impressionist - code him to transform into a police car, ghost, train, dinosaur, and more!


Meet Botley 2.0

Botley the Coding Robot

Botley Comparison Chart

Botley the Coding Robot

Botley the Coding Robot!

Discover coding with the original Botley the Coding Robot! Winner of 2019's Innovative Toy of the Year, Botley comes with advanced features that grow along with your kids' coding skills. Best of all, Botley helps kids learn to code completely screen-free - no phone or tablet required!

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